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About Advanced Pain Consultants

Meet Our Doctor and Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Nicholas Kondelis

Nicholas Peter Kondelis, M.D.
Nicholas Kondelis Illinois
YouTube Video Link: “Meet” Dr. Nicholas Kondelis

Dr. Nicholas Kondelis is an anesthesiologist who is fellowship trained in both interventional pain and in cardiac surgery. He holds triple board certification through the American Board of Medical Specialties in Anesthesia and in Pain Medicine. Dr. Kondelis also holds board certification through the American Board of Pain Medicine and the American Academy of Pain Management. A unique distinction in academic accomplishment. In his free time he enjoys his family, great lakes sailing, horticulture and history.

Board Certifications
• Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology, DABA
Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology: Additional Qualifications in Pain Management, DABA AQPM
Diplomate American Board of Pain Medicine, DABPM
Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management, DAAPM

Fellowship • Pain Management, Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago Illinois

Residency • Anesthesiology, Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago Illinois

• Northwestern University – The Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago Illinois
University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago Illinois

Undergraduate • Knox College, dual majors chemistry and biology, minor economics, Summa Cum Laude

Suby Panichikudiyil, NP-C

Suby Panichikudiyil, NP-C

Suby Panichikudiyil Illinois

Suby Panichikudiyil, holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Concordia University with certification through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP).  Suby brings eight years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Interventional Pain Management providing insight and expertise to her clinical practice of the complex problems experienced by people suffering with chronic pain.  Her broad-based background as a registered nurse for more than 20 years also contributes a unique perspective integrating biological, clinical and behavioral health.

Suby is patient, compassionate and caring.  She listens to patient’s concerns and works with them to identify appropriate treatments to relieve their pain.

• Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified, NP-C

• Master of Science in Nursing, Concordia University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi, India



APC's Mission

Advanced Pain Consultant’s Mission is to renew patient hope and improve their lives by providing pain relief, and restoring Advanced Pain Consultantsfunctionality to everyday work and home activities, helping each patient to achieve the highest quality of life possible. 

Our Pain Specialty-trained Physicians and Staff provide each patient with a detailed patient pain assessment, accurate diagnosis and follow with a continuum of care and balanced multidisciplinary pain management approach.  APC doctors employ a variety of state-of-the-art techniques and treatments, Integrative and Complementary Alternative modalities in a serene, collaborative and compassionate environment.

Our Dual Board Certified Doctors work hand in hand with each patient to develop a Personal Pain Management Plan, provide them with Maximum Chronic Pain Relief, and optimize their health, wellness and ability to “Hurt Less…Live More!”®



APC's Goal

APC’s Goal:Advanced Pain Consultants

“Hurt Less…Live More!”®

Advanced Pain Consultants offers comprehensive, interdisciplinary pain management through a diverse team including state-of-the-art minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions with concurrent medical management, rehabilitation, education and home health services.

Uncontrolled Pain can cause Devastating Discomfort.  It interferes with sleep and basic activities of daily living.  It interferes with ability to concentrate, work and can damage and destroy interpersonal relations causing a sever level of emotional suffering that can eclipse the actual physical suffering.  Uncontrolled Pain permeates virtually every aspect of the patient suffering from chronic pain.

“Renew Hope • Relieve Pain • Restore Function • Return Quality of Life”®

Advanced Pain Consultants dedicated team of Dual Board Certified Interventional Pain Management Physicians provide exceptional diagJoin APC's Path to Pain Reduction and Reliefnostic skills and therapeutic interventions. They start with a comprehensive chronic pain evaluation and assessment. They identify and treat the underlying cause of pain to reduce or eliminate their pain. Individualized pharmacotherapy management plans are developed. These include a multitude of classes of medications in attempt to minimize narcotic utilization. We strive to resolve the emotional and psychological consequences of living with chronic pain. APC’s Team facilitates support from the family and friends of the patient to promote continued participation in their Personal Pain Management Plan™.

This occurs while actively partnering with our pain patients to provide them with the knowledge, physical therapy, psychological support with development of personal skill sets to empower them to co-author their multidisciplinary Personal Pain Management Plan™ and conquer their pain.

Pain is a medical condition that has been underdiagnosed for years. Recently awareness has increased, it is now considered the fifth vital sign.

  • Pain Touches Each One of Us at one time or another. Pain can begin for many different reasons. Yet Back Pain Womanas common as pain is, the medical community is just beginning to understand and better address the three categories of pain: Chronic, Acute, and Cancer Pain.
  • Acute Pain has a Distinct Beginning and End and is the result of illness or injury. This type of pain usually can be largely relieved with appropriate treatment, as can Cancer Pain. It is important that the pain be taken seriously and managed as part of sound patient care.
  • Currently There is No Cure for Chronic Pain and, as a condition that can affect individuals life long, it also needs to be taken seriously. A multidisciplinary treatment approach can help people with chronic pain regain control of their lives and reduce their sense of suffering.

“Pain is Multifacted…So is its Treatment”®

  • Pain is a Major Health Issue. Unmanaged pain can slow the rate of recovery for surgical patients and affect the quality of outcomes. Cancer patients who experience breakthrough pain are hospitalized and visit the emergency room more often than patients whose pain is under control. Studies have shown shorter survival statistics for cancer patients with poorly controlled pain.
  • “Pain is Multifacted…So is its Treatment”®Back Pain is the Second most common reason for a Visit to a Physician.
  • Pain is the Number-one Cause of Adult Disability in the United States and affects one in three people or about 70 million Americans. According to an omnibus survey of 1,000 Americans, 34 percent of respondents said they currently live with ongoing pain. In spite of its pervasiveness, few Physicians receive more than a few hours of formal training on pain management
  • Pain is a major Economic Issue. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, pain costs $100 billion annually in lost workdays, medical expenses, and other benefit costs. Skyrocketing health care costs leave some, especially senior citizens, minorities, and the urban and rural poor, unable to get treatment that can help them manage their pain.
  • Pain is a major Social Issue. Long-term, unmanaged pain can cause people to withdraw from family and friends and leave them unable to care for children, hold steady jobs, and at times even face a personal future. Pain has an impact on the fabric of society well beyond the individual, affecting his or her spouse or partner, children, family, and community.


Why Choose APC?

Advanced Pain Consultants

Why Choose Advanced Pain Consultants?

It is important to find experienced providers who can provide early, timely and correct treatments.  Time can be of the essence in treating pain.  Early intervention usually provides long-term positive consequences.

APC’s Physicians
At APC, You are Never just a Procedure nor just a Number.

“Compassionate Collaborative Care”®

Join APC's Path to Pain Reduction and ReliefAPC’s Physicians’ Believe that if the Pain Patient is provided with the proper self-healing
techniques and knowledge along with traditional treatments and alternative/supplemental treatments from a nurturing, well-informed, and supportive medical team high levels of success can be obtained.

APC’s Physicians’ Approach to healing is unlike what you might experience in a traditional medical setting. Using a multidisciplinary approach in a facility with both physical therapy and a pain psychologist we focus on the whole patient as a unique individual. – our team listens to closely to our patients pain concerns in order to take into account all relevant aspects of their health, social and psychological factors and lifestyle to engage the patient to actively participate in their own healing plan to restore the patient to optimal health.

APC’s Physicians’ Utilize the best of Western Medicine (medication, interventional techniques and surgery) but also educate their Pain Patients’ about the…….

  1. Human Body’s Inherent Healing Mechanisms: It’s Innate Capacity to achieve optimal health, and ability to reduce and alleviate pain if provided the correct patient frame of mind (reduced stress level) and diet.
  2. Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Pain Relief Treatments:  Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Electrical Stimulation Therapy, and Nutritional Counseling (non-inflammatory diet) and many DIY practices.

Affordable High Quality Care
When you or your family member needs pain management from a physician, physical therapist or a psychologist pain – more Join APC's Path to Pain Reduction and Reliefexpensive care does not equate to better care. APC physicians are recognized leaders in their specialty. They have advanced fellowship training. They offer affordable easy to access care typically at rates 2-3 times less than hospitals or large healthcare organization charge.

How does APC manage to Charge Less?
At APC all we do is pain management with a singular efficient focus through a team oriented approach. Hospitals and large organizations charge medicare and insurance companies more and they are reimbursed at a significantly higher rate for the same services compared to private physician groups. APC charges less than the same services at hospitals. This translates into savings for patients whose deductibles and co-pays have continued to increase over time. When you receive treatment in a hospital, you pay a physician fee and a facility fee. Over the last decade high deductible health plans have grown to over 100 million. APC charges no extra facility fee for medical evaluation and management services, hospitals charge for site of service. APC utilized MRIs typically cost 70 percent less than hospital fees for the same procedure. APC physical therapy this typically 30 percent less than hospital affiliated rehabilitation.


Hospital Affiliations

AdventHealth Hinsdale

AdventHealth LaGrange

Advocate Christ Medical Center




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