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Awesome Physical Therapist and PT Facilities !!

♦  Wonderful, friendly, and caring staff as well as the doctors. Did I mention their Physical Therapist is Awwwwesome!

♦  The Drs. nerve blocks really eased my pain and that allowed me to stay with my new rubber band stretches (they gave me a set) and exercises.  My pain is still there but is so much less.  Thank you thank you.

5 Star Exceptional

♦  The entire staff was 5 star exceptional and took the time to discuss my problem and the procedure I was about to experience. The injection itself was painless and I was very comfortable during the entire procedure. My nurse told me the most pain I would feel, was her having to insert an IV as I elected for mild sedation. She was 120% correct, my fear was quickly gone.
♦  So if any one who reads this that has anxiety and nervous about this type of procedure, you have nothing fear. You will be in excellent hands with Dr. Kondelis.

♦  Thank you Doctor for your time and making me comfortable.

Very Pleased with my Pain Management Plan.

♦  I am very pleased with how Dr. Kondelis and staff treated me at my first visit.
♦  I am going to be seeing you guys again in a about a week for a follow-up.
♦  So far I have gotten very good care from the staff and Dr. Kondelis!

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