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Are the Number of Cases Reported Accurate?

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I know of patients who are unable to be tested yet clearly had symptoms consistent with moderate infection.  Since they were not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, IDPH, Illinois Department of Health does not testEstimates on asymptomatic, covert disease range from 31 to 60%.

APC Bottom line: Everybody around you is a potential source of COVID–19.  We worry about being around those who are sick or show signs of illness.  The reality is three quarters of people who have the COVID–19 disease do not show any symptoms.  Treat everybody as a potential infectious source.  Practice social distancing.  Continue with handwashing and hand alcohol.  Continue disinfecting surfaces.

America is grossly ill-prepared to test adequate numbers of people.  Currently Germany has the capability of performing 300,000 COVID–19 tests in a week.  In America we have performed less than 600,000 total tests.  The number of Covid-19 cases is grossly underestimated. 

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