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Asymptomatic Infection

COVID-19 update

In various opinions by epidemiology experts the real number of infections is likely 7-8 times as large.  In a way this is good news, the disease is not as devastating or deadly as the numbers show.  In other words, for eight people who get the infection, seven of them have sub-clinical or mild symptoms and may not be aware that they are sick and only one of these people shows overt disease.  At Oxford, a theoretical epidemiologist has questioned the “Imperial model” of this virus. If this is correct and data from multiple sources support it is likely that the infection is substantially greater number than reported by the actual numbers of COVID-19 cases.  This means that there are huge numbers of silent asymptomatic infected carriers. They are the silent carriers of the disease that can transmit this to the susceptible population, the aged and those with chronic illnesses. Social distancing, isolation, stay-at-home work and appropriate precautions can help minimize the immediate spread of this disease flattening the curve of transmission.  This will minimize acute spread of the disease while immunity builds up in the population. 

Bottom line: Everyone must act as if they are part of the large silent asymptomatic infected carriers or are interacting with a silent asymptomatic infected carrier when dealing with matters of personal distance, handwashing and social isolation.  Think about your risk to friends, family and particularly the elderly and infirm in your life.

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